Another Cocktail Attributed to Waugh

A pub in Kuala Lumpur is offering an exotic cocktail called the Noonday Reviver that is attributed to Evelyn Waugh. The pub is called The Sticky Wicket and has a cricket theme throughout its decor and menu. The cocktail is described as

a reinterpretation of Brideshead Revisited novelist Evelyn Waugh’s Noonday Reviver, comprising Citadelle Reserve gin, Becherovka herbal liqueur, house-made Guinness Demerara reduction & ginger syrup, with lingeringly complex, yeasty dimensions (you might especially like this if you love Marmite) & a tickle of cinnamon near the end.

The article, in a KL food blog, is accompanied by photos of the ingredients as well as the finished product. Here’s a link¬†(scroll down to the second drink in the article).¬†¬†

A less elaborate version of a drink called “Evelyn Waugh’s Noonday Reviver” was described by Kingsley Amis in his 1972 book On Drink (reprinted in the¬†2008 collection¬†Everyday Drinking). Amis’s recipe¬†consisted of gin, stout and ginger beer. The attribution¬†to Evelyn Waugh¬†was, according to Amis,¬†based on hearsay, and he admitted¬†that he “cannot vouch for [its]¬†accuracy.” He probably overheard someone’s¬†recollection of a drink Waugh had described¬†in his 1947 booklet Wine in Peace and War. This was to be taken late in the morning and consisted of old ale, gin and ginger beer with a sprig of borage.¬†Whether Waugh called the drink “Noonday Reviver” cannot be determined from sources available on the internet.

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