Larry Kramer Lists Waugh Novel

Playwright and AIDS awareness activist Larry Kramer has named Handful of Dust as one of his 10 favorite books. The list is in the New York Times “T” magazine and reflects the 10 books Kramer woud select to take with him to a desert island. Here’s his explanation for this selection:

“A Handful of Dust,” Evelyn Waugh

Waugh, along with P.G. Wodehouse, was one the greatest users of the English language. Both men just loved words and how to use them to their unusually best advantage. Anyone trying to master the English language would do well to study either one. Any of Waugh’s novels is impressive, but this one may be the best.

Other novels on the list include Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, Alice Munro’s The Progress of Love and Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past (Scott Moncrieff, translation). 

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