New Study of Waugh’s Satire Published

Naomi Milthorpe, well known to Waugh Society members, has written a study of Waugh’s works entitled Evelyn Waugh’s Satire: Texts and Contexts. The book was published last month and is described in the publisher’s announcement as offering:

… new exegetical accounts of the forms and figures of Waugh’s satire, linking original readings of Waugh’s texts to the literary-historical contexts that informed them. Posing fresh readings of familiar works and affording attention to more neglected texts, Evelyn Waugh’s Satire: Texts and Contexts offers readers and scholars a timely opportunity to return to the rich, dark art of this master of prose satire.

Milthorpe is on the faculty at University of Tasmania and is one of the scheduled speakers at the Waugh Conference recently announced for next May at the Huntington Library near Pasadena, California. She also recently published an interview in Evelyn Waugh Studies (v. 47.1, Spring 2016) relating to the Huntington’s collection of Evelyn Waugh materials. The book is published by the Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. The cover art is from a portrait of Waugh by Feliks Topolski in the collection of the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.

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