Present-Day BYP Reviews Waugh Books

A blogger going by the “nom du net” of The Posh Gurl  (real name H.R. Hardy) spent the past month reading and reviewing books by Waughs. She began with Auberon Waugh’s The Foxglove Saga (1960) which she found

a great study of personality, social etiquette and generational expectations that is until the last chapter… when it went all Horace Walpole!

She then moved on to Evelyn, starting with his first travel book Labels (1930):

It is worth the read simply for Waugh who really is a master of words. Everything is so luxuriously described you are there with him every step of the way. He writes like you are in his cabin and listening to his daily account feasting on all the gossip he has overheard.

Finally, she read Work Suspended and Other Stories. The short stories she found “brilliant” but Work Suspended, not so much. She read the Penguin edition that included another fragment, Charles Ryder’s School Days. As a Brideshead fan (no surprise there) she enjoyed it but thought “the story would have been much better if it was just Charles Ryder’s diary.”

Her reviews can be viewed in full on her blog postings for March 2016, starting at the top (March 23rd) with Work Suspended and working down to Foxglove at the very bottom (March 9th). Whether her interest in Waughs is now exhausted or just on hold isn’t stated.

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