Waugh Remembered on Fleming Anniversary

website devoted to the life and works of Ian Fleming has posted an article commemorating two important events on 12 August. One is the birth on that date in 1952 of Caspar, Fleming’s only son with his wife Ann. Ian died on the same date 12 years later in 1964. Waugh’s correspondence with Ann Fleming is mentioned twice in the article. After Casper’s birth

Ann spent two weeks recovering in the hospital before resuming her role as a society hostess and inveterate letter writer. Her most frequent correspondent was Evelyn Waugh, who was not terribly fond of her son. In the tea room of the Grand Hotel, Folkestone, Waugh approached the three-year-old and made faces of “such unbelievable malignity that the child shrieked with terror and fell to the floor.” Ann gave Waugh, a hard slap, overturning a plate of eclairs, and had her revenge when she drove over a road bumpy enough to make him swallow half his cigar. Waugh remained unrepentant: “I do hope that old Caspar has nightmares about his visit to Folkestone. I shall, for many years.”

After Ian died

Evelyn Waugh condoled Ann with a sad prophecy: “You will lose someone you love every year now for the rest of your life. It is a position you have to accept and prepare for.” Waugh died in 1966, followed by Ann’s father, her brother in 1970, several beloved friends, and finally, in 1975, Caspar. 

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