Waugh Inspires High Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion designer Karen Walker has released a new line of sunglasses called Transformers. To promote the product, she has herself appeared as a model in 7 different personas, “all of which have distinct aesthetics that correspond with the varying styles of sunglasses.” One of the designs is named for Evelyn Waugh. This is explained by Walker on a fashionista website:

6) The Waugh On Terror: “[Evelyn] Waugh has been one of my favorite writers since I was about 10. I doubt there are more than two or two of his [books] I haven’t read. I love that opening he allows into a time when women’s freedoms, and in fact, all of youth’s freedoms changed, and how the consequences of that rippled out into society. I’ve always wanted to be one of his characters, and now I have been.”

Other designs were inspired by, inter alia,  Vidal Sasoon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Dolly Parton and Princess Margaret. A clever idea, but perhaps too clever by half. The displays on the internet fail to link the illustrations of the sunglasses to their inspirations. In some cases (e.g., The Platinum C&W: Dolly Parton) this is fairly obvious, while in others, such as The Waugh on Terror, not so much.  

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