“92 Days” Complete Works Edition Announced

The Oxford University Press has announced the UK publication date for its definitive edition of Waugh’s 1934 travel book Ninety-Two Days. This will appear in the UK on 25 February 2021, the same UK publication date as the previously-announced A Tourist In Africa. See previous post. US publication details are not yet available. Ninety-Two Days will be volume 22 of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh and is edited by Douglas Lane Patey, who previously wrote a biography of Waugh published in 1998. Here’s the OUP’s description:

This is the first fully annotated, critical edition of the travel book Ninety-Two Days (1934), Evelyn Waugh’s account of an arduous journey through British Guiana and northern Brazil that provided crucial material for what many consider his finest novel, A Handful of Dust. A biographical and historical introduction places the work in the context of Waugh’s life, and among other travel books written about the area; discusses how the text evolved from manuscript to print; and connects it with other literary works such as Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, and with the persistent myth of the lost city of El Dorado. The appendices include excerpts from works mentioned in the text which are not readily available elsewhere, including those by Peter Fleming and Father Cuthbert Carey-Elwes.

Professor Patey teaches at Smith College and is an honorary member of the Evelyn Waugh Society. The OUP’s announcement includes this biographical sketch:

A specialist in eighteenth-century literature and satire, Douglas Lane Patey grew up in Corning, New York. After attending Hamilton College he took graduate degrees at the University of Virginia, and since 1979 has taught in the Department of Engilsh Language and LIterature at Smith College (Northampton, MA). He has won fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, and the Guggenhaim Foundation. He is the author of Probability and Literary Form: Philosophic Theory and Literary Practice in the Augustan Age (CUP, 1984; reprinted 2009), and The Life of Evelyn Waugh: A Critical Biography (Blackwell, 1998; 2nd edition 2001).


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