Evelyn Waugh Studies 53.3 (Winter 2022)

A copy of the latest issue of the Society’s journal Evelyn Waugh Studies is posted for review. This is described by Jamie Collinson, the Society’s secretary as follows:

This is an edition I’ve been keenly looking forward to, because the writer Gavin Mortimer has contributed an essay on Waugh’s connections to Bill and David Stirling and the Special Air Service – the British Army’s special forces regiment. Gavin is an excellent writer who contributes regularly to The Spectator, a magazine to which Evelyn, Auberon and Alexander Waugh all have strong connections.

The essay is fascinating, and I hope you enjoy it.

Also in this edition is an excellent piece by Timothy M. M. Baker on identifying Waugh’s Merton Street house in Oxford, and Nan Zhang’s review of The Business of Reading: A Hundred Years of the English Novel by Julian Lovelock.

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