The Pram in the Hall

Tomorrow (Friday) night’s episode of the BBC2’s cultural series Artsnight will investigate the conclusion of Waugh’s friend Cyril Connolly: “There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.”  This is from his 1938 book (probably his best known) Enemies of Promise. The program will be presented by Lily Cole, model, actress, digital entrepreneur and 8 months pregnant. She will consider the life of Waugh’s contemporary, sculptor Barbara Hepworth, and will interview novelist Lionel Shriver and poet Hollie McNish, among others. There is no advance indication that there will be any discussion of Waugh’s life or work, but Waugh’s career would tend to disprove Connolly’s theory. Fatherhood, starting in 1938, seems to have had little, if any, effect on the volume or quality of Waugh’s literary output. The program will be transmitted on BBC2 at 11pm on Friday and will be available on BBC iPlayer to view on the internet for 4 weeks thereafter. A proxy server connection will be needed for viewing outside the UK.

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