Sharper Sword

The South China Morning Post has published a review of Waugh’s Sword of Honour as part of a three-part retrospective review connected by each subject’s containing¬†a¬†knife¬†in its¬†title. ¬†The other two reviews relate to a 2006 recording by a Swedish rock band,¬†Silent Shout by The Knife, and Roman Polanski’s first feature film, Knife in the Water. Cute idea, but the review of Waugh’s novel (apparently by Matthew¬†Scott) has nothing particularly original to say about it. Indeed, it leads with some familiar dismissive references to Waugh’s military career which were recently and forcefully discredited¬†by Donat Gallagher and Carlos Villar Flor in their¬†critique of Waugh’s biographers,¬†In The Picture: The Facts behind the fiction in Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour¬†(Amsterdam and New York, 2014). But the review of Waugh’s¬†book itself is on the whole favorable and may stir some interest among Hong Kong readers, particularly those who¬†are also fans of Swedish rock music and Polish films.

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