Brideshead Reviewed (Still More)

Another brief review of the Brideshead Revisited stage production has appeared in the Yorkshire Times and other local papers. This is by Lauren Masterman who writes:

As always with Damien Cruden as Artistic Director expect innovation and an imaginative combination of classic and contemporary techniques as he unleashes his talent on this brand new stage. This is a thrilling play from beginning to end; tumultuous friendships, dramatic outbursts, star-crossed lovers and more as we watch the unravelling of Charles Ryder and the Marchmain family.

The actress who plays Julia Flyte was also interviewed in connection with the recent premiere. This is Rosie Hilal and a transcript of the interview appeared on a theatrical internet news site The Bardette. Here’s the Q&A relating to the Brideshead performance:

Q. Describe Brideshead Revisited in 3 words.

A. Delicate. Heart-breaking. Redemptive.

Q. What has been your career highlight so far?

A. Playing Julia Flyte is pretty high on my list, as is playing Electra at the Globe last year. As parts go, they have been the meatiest so far, and the most challenging.

The production moves to Bath where it opens today at the Theatre Royal for a 5-day run.

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