Date Announced for New Waugh Biography

The Daily Telegraph has announced the 31 March publication date for a new biography of Waugh:

March 31: Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited, by Philip Eade (Books)

There has been no full-length biography of Evelyn Waugh for 20 years. Ahead of the 50th anniversary of his death in April, Eadeā€™s account asks how far the novelist hid his own experiences in his fiction.

The book, to be published by Weidenfield &Ā Nicolson, is among the important cultural events noted by the Telegraph for the first quarter of 2016. Advance orders may be placed onĀ Amazon at the link to the title above. According to Amazon’sĀ description of the book (to which the publishers no doubt contributed):

Eade offers a more contemporary view than previous biographies, explaining why Waugh’s work continues to grow in popularity. It takes account of the most recent Waugh scholarship and makes use of extensive unseen primary sources that cast new light on many of the key phases and themes of Waugh’s life…

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