Recording of UT Waugh Panel Available Online

The University of Texas Faculty Seminar on British Studies has posted a sound recording of last Friday’s panel discussion in Austin on the subject of Waugh’s travels in America. It is available online. At the bottom of the lecture description click on “Listen to audio only” and a sound file comes up.

The panelists included Dr. Barbara Cooke who described the current work on the Complete Works of Waugh project in which the first of at least 43 projected volumes is expected next year. Prof. Martin Stannard, author of the standard two-volume biography of Waugh, described trip to California in 1947 which resulted in The Loved One. He also spoke about Waugh’s tours of the Eastern U.S. in 1948 to research an article for Life magazine and in 1949 to lecture at Roman Catholic colleges and universities on the subject of “Three British Convert Writers: G.K. Chesterton, Graham Greene, and Ronald Knox.” Jeff Manley then spoke about new research relating to the 1949 lecture tour which led to the compilation of a complete and accurate itinerary and added to the anecdotes contained in Prof. Stannard’s biography. Waugh’s article entitled “The American Epoch in the Catholic Church” is included in Essays, Articles and Reviews. It first appeared in Life magazine, 19 September 1949, and in the Month, November 1949, and is available in the online archives of both journals.

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