Vile Bodies to be Celebrated at London Event

The Late Night Library Club of London had announced a rescheduled celebration of Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies and the Bright Young People who populated its pages. This will occur on Saturday, 25 June from 7pm-130am at the Sutton House Museum in Hackney E9. Here’s the announcement from the Late Night Library Club’s Facebook page: 

The third edition of Late Night Library Club is a repulsive celebration of Evelyn Waugh’s too too splendid novel, Vile Bodies. Join your fellow Bright Young People at the transformative Sutton House and immerse yourself in a night of drunk-making revelry.

Vile Bodies will see the return of host transdrogynous dandy La John Joseph; a truly spiritual performance from Mrs Ape and her angels presented by Ben Borowiecki, too too smashing choreography lessons with Babs Florence Ducane (mind the chandelier!); elocution lessons with Baroness Redesdale; hone your writing skills and contribute to gossip rag The Daily Excess with gutter guidance from the LNLC Chatterboxes; moving pictures in the You and Non-You Tube screening room; and dance the night away before you likely stumble upon No. 10 in the early hours for eggs and bacon.

Our BRAINBOX PANEL for the book club Q&A chapter of the Vile Bodies evening will be chaired by magnificent transdrogynous dandy La John Joseph, with panellists:
Duncan McLaren, author of the recently published ‘Evelyn!: Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love’; Rebecca Moore, PhD student at Leicester working on the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh Project; David Levesley a journalist for Sky News (and more) who wrote and directed a Waugh estate-endorsed adaptation of Vile Bodies at the Warwick Arts Centre and V&A Museum in 2012.

More details, including tickets, are available here.

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