Audio Recordings of Waugh Conference Presentations Available Online

Audio recordings of the presentationsĀ made at the two-day conference on Evelyn Waugh at the Huntington Library in Pasadena earlier this month are now available online. There are 15 recordings in all and they are available at this link. The conference was supported by Mr and Mrs Loren Rothschild, the Evelyn Waugh Society and the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh as well as the Huntington Library.Ā 

UPDATE (25 May 2017): The introductions to the speakers are not included in the sound recordings. It is therefore, in someĀ cases, not possible to know who is speaking without reference to the program schedule. This is available at this link.

OtherĀ recently posted SoundCloud filesĀ includeĀ a recording of a discussion of Philip Eade’s recent biography of Waugh that was presented at a University of Leicester program last November. The discussion is between Barbara Cooke of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh project and Philip Eade and is quite good on Eade’s coverage of Waugh’s family life, first marriage and war career. This may beĀ accessed at this link. There is also a recording from the same University of Leicester program of a panel discussion on writing biography from letters and diaries. The panel includes Martin Stannard, Alexander Waugh and another biographer, Alexander Masters. This recording is available here.Ā 

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