BBC Media Pack for Decline and Fall Available Online

The BBC’s Media Pack for its production of Decline and Fall is available online. This includes Q&A’s for the major characters and short introductions and photos for the others. There are also Q&A’s for the writer (James Wood) and the director (Guillem Morales). Here is Wood’s summary of the script:

We are doing three hour long episodes and the book moves through three different worlds… It’s been a huge and very entertaining challenge pulling off what is effectively three one hour films that all still feel like the same show. The first episode is set in a horrendous minor Welsh public school, populated with lunatics and monsters. The second episode is set in Margot’s high society world and Kristian the production designer has built an amazing modernist home that Margot lives in. That world is all parties and decadence and has something of a Noel Coward feel. And the third episode largely takes place in a prison. Paul Pennyfeather is the thread that pulls us through those worlds but it’s been a real challenge, an exciting challenge for everyone, pulling off those three worlds and making it feel like a whole.

When you open the link, the menu for the more detailed information is located to the right of the photograph. Most of the information appearing in recent press reports plus additional details are available in this media pack.

On another website, the information for the release of the DVD of the production is provided: 

❉ ‘Decline and Fall’ (Certificate: 15) is released on 17 April 2017. Acorn Media UK Cat No: AV3352, RRP: £ 19.99. Running Time: 3 x 60 mins approx. plus bonus features.

❉ Special features include: Three behind the scenes featurettes: Adaptation; Satire; On Set and picture gallery

This is available for pre-release order from It is in Region 2 DVD format and will not play on DVD players purchased outside of Europe without reprogramming. Most DVD players on computers will allow you to change regions a limited number of times.

UPDATE (25 March 2017): now indicates that the DVD of Decline and Fall can be delivered to the USA. The post has been amended accordingly. 

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