Eade Biography (More)

Writer and critic Martin Rubin has reviewed Philip Eade’s biography in the Washington Times:

Although there have been several other excellent biographies of Evelyn Waugh, this is perhaps the most penetrating and insightful one to date. Part of this is because of a great deal of newly available material, some of it thanks to Waugh’s grandson Alexander, who suggested this biography to mark the 50th anniversary of the author’s death in 1966. …. New letters, interviews and a host of other sources are all put to good use. 

The review also concludes on a favorable note:

For all the value of the newly available sources and the good use to which Mr. Eade has put them, in the end it is his biographical skills and crisp way with words and phrase that make this such a valuable tool for understanding the perplexing figure of Evelyn Waugh. If all his psychological acuity cannot finally reconcile the man and his oeuvre, he has probably gone as far in doing so as possible.

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