House and Garden Reprints Excerpts from Wine in Peace and War

House and Garden magazine has reprinted excerptsĀ it earlier published from Waugh’s 1947 booklet Wine in Peace and War:

2017 marks 70 years sinceĀ House & Garden magazineĀ first hit the news standsĀ as the quarterly ‘Vogue House & Garden Book’, bound to its sister magazine with a silk ribbon.Ā As part of a series of articles delving in to the magazine’s history we revisit our Autumn 1948 wine guide by Evelyn Waugh, who encourages copious consumption of the best vintages.

According to Waugh’s Bibliography by Robert Murray Davis, et al., the excerpts wereĀ published under the title “On Wine” in a 1954 collection entitled House and Garden Wine Book, edited by Anthony Hunt, and later in the The Pan Book of Wine (1963). The excerpts come from material printed betweenĀ pp, 33-77 of the original booklet. It may be that the excerpts wereĀ also included in an issue of the magazine itself in Autumn 1948.Ā 

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