Lecture at Hertford College Announced

A lecture on the subject of “Waugh’s Enemies” has been announced for Mo, 25 September at Hertford College, Oxford:

Cecil Beaton, Randolph Churchill, the BBC …. English writer Evelyn Waugh was not short of enemies. He was infamous for both witty spats and long-running feuds, and many of his adversaries ended up lampooned in the pages of his novels. As Oxford University Press launches its new edition of the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh, general editor Alexander Waugh and Barbara Cooke, editor of Waugh’s autobiography, will be working over Waugh’s extensive blacklist in Waugh’s alma mater, Hertford College. This lighthearted discussion will take place in the dining hall, overseen by the portrait of Waugh’s first and best nemesis: his history tutor, C. R. M. F. Cruttwell.

The lecture is scheduled for 1500-1700pm. Entrance is free. Booking details are available here.

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