New Book on Waugh’s Oxford Announced

The Bodleian Library of Oxford University has announced the publication next year of a new book to be entitled Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford. This is written by Barbara Cooke, lecturer at Loughborough University and editor at Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh. It will feature illustrations by Amy Dodd. According to a description on the internet:

This book explores in rich visual detail the abiding importance of Oxford as both location and experience in his literary and visual works. Drawing on specially commissioned illustrations and previously unpublished photographic material, it provides a critically robust assessment of Waugh’s engagement with Oxford over the course of his literary career. Following a brief overview of Waugh’s life and work, subsequent chapters look at the prose and graphic art Waugh produced as an undergraduate together with Oxford’s portrayal in Brideshead Revisited and A Little Learning as well as broader conceptual concerns of religion, sexuality and idealised time. A specially commissioned, hand-drawn trail around Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford guides the reader around the city Waugh knew and loved through locations such as the Botanic Garden, the Oxford Union and The Chequers

The 176-page book is available for pre-order from and can be ordered for delivery to the USA. It will be published on 16 March 2018 and will retail for £20.00. Dr Cooke curated the Bodleian’s exhibit of Evelyn Waugh materials earlier this year entitled “City of Acquatint” and co-edited vol. 19 of the Complete Works containing Waugh’s autobiography A Little Learning. That book concluded with Waugh’s description of his Oxford undergraduate years.

In addition, Waugh’s German-language publisher Diogenes Verlag has announced the issuance of a translation of Remote People. This will be published next Spring as Expeditionen eines englischen Gentleman. This may be the first publication of the full text of this book in German. Portions were previously published in Als das Reisen schön war in 1949 (When the Going Was Good in English). Here’s a translation by Google Translate of the announcement:

Very spontaneously, Evelyn Waugh decided to head to Addis Ababa to attend and report on the coronation of Haile Selassie. The world press puffed up this event and described the ceremony in the brightest colors. But as expected, Evelyn Waugh saw things differently and reported us very serene and with extremely dry humor about how he sees the matter.

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