Shakespeare’s Grave: Contrary Voices

In a previous post, we reported the conclusions of Alexander Waugh, Evelyn’s grandson, that William Shakespeare was buried in Westminster Abbey, not Holy Trinity Church, Stratford. It is not surprising that the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald has published differing views:

THE Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Holy Trinity Church have dismissed new suggestions that William Shakespeare is not buried in Stratford-upon-Avon. Paul Edmondson, the trust’s head of research and knowledge, said the claims by Alexander Waugh in two national newspapers as “fantasy”. The Reverend Patrick Taylor, vicar of Holy Trinity, said it was “an historical fact” that Shakespeare was buried there.

Edmondson further comments that Alexander “isn’t the grandson of the fiction writer and satirist Evelyn Waugh for nothing.”

Another contrary voice is raised in the “Prufrock” column of the Weekly Standard written by Micah Mattix. This is in a story entitled “Uncle Waugh is Talking about Shakespeare Again.” After a satirical and dismissive restatement of Alexander’s argument, the column concludes:

Mr. Waugh also said that he has identified the exact date of the second coming of Christ using the Shroud of Turin and a fragment of St. Peter’s femur. Details to follow.

UPDATE (7 November 2017): The lecture given by Alexander Waugh on 29 October at the Globe Theatre was sponsored by the Shakespearean Authorship Trust and is now available on YouTube. This relates to the burial place of William Shakespeare.

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