Waugh and Chesterton Lecture on YouTube

A video lectureĀ on the theme of “G KĀ Chesterton and Evelyn Waugh” is posted on YouTube. This was delivered at the 35th conference of the American Chesterton Society convened in 2016 at Slippery Rock State University in Pennsylvania. It was written and delivered by Joe Grabowski who graduated from Marquette University and received a PhD in Philosophy from the St Charles Borromeo Seminary. He currently works at the International Institute for Culture in Philadelphia. Links to several other papers from the conference on other topics will appear in a right-hand columnĀ when you load this oneĀ from YouTube. Chesterton was one of three British writers who converted to Roman Catholicism that Waugh included in his 1949 lecturesĀ sponsored by US Catholic colleges and universities. The other two were Ronald Knox and Graham Greene.

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