Waugh-Designed Bookplate on Ebay

A book for sale on ebay contains a¬†bookplate designed by Evelyn Waugh. The book belonged to Dudley Carew (1903-1981), Waugh’s school friend from Lancing who later wrote a memoir entitled A Fragment of Friendship: Evelyn Waugh as a young man¬†(1974). The bookplate is dated 1924, the year Waugh left Oxford, and is mentioned in Waugh’s diary on 10 October 1924:

I stayed at home…being troubled with a cold and employed myself with drawing bookplates. One for Dudley Carew a pastoral of pot-boiling and one for my father– armorial (p. 182).¬†

He earlier (28 July 1924) mentions working on a “cover design for Dudley Carew’s novel.” This would¬†have been for¬†The Next Corner, published by John Lane in 1924, but according to Carew’s memoir, although Evelyn made two designs, both of which were “admirable,” the publisher rejected them. The bookplate¬†is pasted in a book by J C Squire entitled Tricks of the Trade (1919). Carew worked for a time at¬†the London Mercury, a literary journal¬†published by J C Squire and may have acquired the book in connection with his employment. He later worked for the Times, first as a reporter on cricket and later as film critic¬†for nearly 20 years until his retirement. He wrote several books, including six novels. ¬†According to Michael Davie, editor of Waugh’s Diaries:

Carew came under the influence of Waugh at Lancing in 1920 and possessed from the start ¬†an unshakeable belief in Waugh’s genius, saving every scrap of his writing (Diaries, p. 796).

An excellent copy of the bookplate is posted on ebay in connection with the book’s¬†sale. The offer ends in 4 days. The bookplate may be worth more than the book. Our thanks to Adrian Pascu-Tulbure¬†who sent us a link to this item.¬†

UPDATE: The original post was updated to include additional information that subsequently became available.

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