Waugh Panel at Cologne Literary Festival

A discussion of Evelyn Waugh is scheduled as part of the International Literary Festival “lit.Cologne”. This will be convened on board the ship MS Rhein Energie at Frankenwerft, KD Anleger, 50667 Cologne on Saturday, 18 March 2017, at 21:00pm. Here’s an abbreviated translation of the description:

The fact that he is still known only to insiders in Germany borders on the scandalous. … Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966) was witty, conspicuous, snooty, archcatholic, politically incorrect, and rather unhappy. He also wrote like an angel. It’s time to get to know one of the great stylists of the last century. Moderators: Paul Ingendaay and Joachim Król .

Krol is an actor who has appeared in German films such as Run Lola Run and in the TV series of Donna Leon’s Inspector Brunetti and Tatort. Ingendaay is a literary critic, translator and novelist. He has written literary columns for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and has (with his wife) translated Patricia Highsmith into German. Among his novels is the award-winning Why Did You Leave Me (Warum du mich verlassen hast) published in 2006. For ticket information click here.

UPDATE (20 March 2017): A report of this event appeared in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung for 19 March 2017:

Paul Ingendaay and Joachim Król presented the eccentric upper-class chronicler on a moving Rheindampfer [steamboat]. Ingendaay praised Pre-Brexit England and the new, German-minded tendency towards political shame among the British and Americans. Among the texts presented by Król in a comfortable, arrogant manner, “A Handful of Dust” was prominent. The novel, in which a provincial woman deceives her husband with an ugly Londoner, as had happened to Waugh [was Waugh geschehen war], and, except for the little son, as everyone knows, [the novel] is full of mind and wit, even if during that evening unfortunately no word of English was heard.

Translation is by Google Translate with some edits.

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