Alastair Graham Wikipedia Entry Updated

The Wikipedia article for Evelyn Waugh’s close friend Alastair Graham has recently been updated. This update appears to incorporate information from both Philip Eade’s 2016 biography of Waugh, including photographs published there for the first time, and the 2013 critical study of Waugh by Michael G. Brennan, as well as other earlier biographical works. What is still missing is the information from Duncan Fallowell’s essay on Graham in his 2011 book How to Disappear: A Memoir for Misfits. This carries the story forward from when Graham moved to New Quay in Wales in 1933 and explains his friendship with another major 20th century writer, Dylan Thomas. Also worth a mention would be Graham’s brief friendship with historian Steven Runciman described in the recent biography of Runciman by Minoo Dinshaw entitled Outlandish Knight.

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