Amazon to Screen Thorpe Scandal Series in USA will screen the BBC TV series A Very English Scandal in the USA on its Amazon Prime streaming service later this month. In fact, it appears that episode 1 may be already be available to view as a bonus feature in advance of the full series that can be seen on and after 29 June.  As described in previous posts, this series is relevant to the career of Auberon Waugh who was responsible for publicizing the shambolic plot of Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe to have a former homosexual lover exterminated, only to succeed in having the lover’s dog Rinka put down instead.

Since the series was screened on BBC1 in the UK, a weblog called Nigeness has posted a copy of Auberon’s election manifesto. This was prepared for the 1979 general election when he stood for Thorpe’s seat as a means of further publicizing the earlier schemes. He had planned to publish this in the Spectator, but Thorpe’s lawyers managed to have it enjoined. A few copies were sold however before the injunction could be enforced. The supressed speech concludes with this:

Rinka is NOT forgotten. Rinka lives. Woof, woof. Vote Waugh to give all dogs the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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