Brideshead Anniversary Lecture in Austin

The British Studies Seminar of the University of Texas at Austin will host a lecture on Friday, 15 November on the subject of the serial version of Evelyn Waugh’s novel Brideshead Revisited. The publication of that version took place 75 years ago this month. The speaker will be your correspondent. Here is a description of the lecture:

Brideshead Revisited is Evelyn Waugh’s most popular novel, although opinions vary on whether it is his best. This lecture will discuss the unusual wartime situation in which it was conceived and thematically written. How can it be explained that it was published first in the United States more than half a year before it appeared as a book? How did it happen that it was published in the form of a serial in Town & Country magazine, without Waugh’s approval and contrary to his wishes? What of its critical reception?

The British Studies Seminar meets on Fridays (at 245p for 3pm) in the Tom Lea Rooms of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center on the UT campus. An audio recording of the lecture will be posted on the internet next week. For more details see this link.

UPDATE (14 November 2019): The post was updated to reflect information on the British Studies website.

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