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The Fall 2018 issue (Vol. 49 No. 2) of Evelyn Waugh Studies, the Society’s journal, has been published.


Whispering Glades Seventy Years On, by Jeffrey Manley

Abstract: It was just over 70 years ago, in early 1947, that Evelyn Waugh was introduced to the wonders of Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, a few miles east of Hollywood. At a point when his negotiations with MGM studios over film rights for Brideshead Revisited had more or less broken down, he met up with Sheila Milbanke at a dinner party. They knew each other from the bright young people days of the 1920s but met by chance in Los Angeles. She had just visited Forest Lawn and extolled its virtues to him over dinner. She offered to conduct him out to see it the next day; it’s a short drive from Hollywood by Los Angeles standards. Having time on his hands, he took her up on her offer.  What follows is a discussion of the results of that visit as reflected in the writings by Waugh that it inspired, and an exploration of the similarities and differences between Waugh’s inventions and their real-life counterparts. Finally, for those who want to visit these and other Waugh-related sites in Los Angeles to gain firsthand knowledge of the settings of Waugh’s writings, an update to the guide by Prof. Donald Greene is provided. 


 “City of Aquatint”:  Evelyn Waugh’s Oxford, by Barbara Cooke. 
Reviewed by Eliza Murphy 

“The Forest for the Trees”:  The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh: Essays, Articles, and Reviews, 1922-1934, edited by Donat Gallagher. 
Reviewed by Robert Murray Davis 


EWS editor Jonathan Pitcher includes an explanatory note at the beginning of this issue 49.2. Here is an excerpt:

Evelyn Waugh Studies 49.1 was the last number produced under the joint editorship of Patrick Query and Jonathan Pitcher. The latter wishes to thank the former for putting up with all manner of oddities, no doubt annoying jokes, vast reams of correspondence, and organizational quandaries over the past four years and eleven issues. I am indebted to his guidance, gravitas, intellect, perception, good sense, and bonhomie.

The issue includes additional information about the plans for organizing a trip to Crete to visit sites related to Waugh’s military service there, and a follow-up note on the “Liberty Hotel” in Addis Ababa.

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