Brideshead Webinar Scheduled for 28 May

Castle Howard has announced a webinar to be conducted via Twitter on Thursday, 28 May. Here’s the text of the announcement:

The 28th May will mark the 75th Anniversary of the first publication of Brideshead Revisited. Our Curator will run a special free webinar on 28th to celebrate Castle Howard’s relationship with Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel.

E-mail at (click to email) to participate.

More details will be posted as they are received. Meanwhile, Chris Ridgway, who is Curator at Castle Howard and has previously written of its Brideshead connection, has recently posted an article that briefly addresses that theme. He first writes a fairly detailed description of the approach to Castle Howard from the south (ie. from York) which is the direction by which most visitors arrive. The 1981 Granada TV adaptation presumably used that approach for their arrival but the later film adaptors decided to arrive from the other direction to avoid repetition. As Ridgway notes in his article:

Nor should we forget the small print that states “Other approaches are available”. Evelyn Waugh first saw Castle Howard, from the less embellished northern end of the Avenue, and that inspired his creation of Brideshead Castle, and in particular Charles Ryder’s rapturous description of arriving there on an idyllic summer’s day. And Waugh’s novel offers another perspective, the ‘Revisited’ in Brideshead Revisited is a reminder that departure can be as significant as arrival, if only because when leaving one has a strong urge to return.

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