Waugh: Harry Potter and Sunglasses

A quote from Evelyn Waugh was recently added to a Tumblr.com page called Harry Potter House Quotes. Each quote contributed is reviewed by Carmen and Fiona, who run the page, to decide its relevance and in which “house” to place it. These houses are based (as I understand it) on the student houses located at Hogwarts boarding school in the novels.

The Waugh quote is from Brideshead Revisited where Anthony Blanche is warning Charles Ryder about Sebastian’s charm (London, 1960, p. 63):

SLYTHERIN: “Of course those that have charm don’t really need brains.” –Evelyn Waugh (Anthony Blanche: Brideshead Revisited)

The quote was placed in Slytherin and posted on 4 January 2020. Perhaps one of our readers, who is more knowledgeable about the Harry Potter novels than I, could explain why that house was selected.

Another allusion to Waugh’s novel is made in an advertisement that comes up with a Google search for Evelyn Waugh. This is for a style of sunglasses called Ryder. They are on offer from eightandbob.com. Here’s a description:

A refined square silhouette developed from a thin ultra-light acetate frame with classic proportions for elegant masculine style.

Eight & Bob also market men’s perfumes and toiletries at shops throughout the world as well as over the internet.

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