120th Anniversary of Evelyn Waugh’s Birth

Evelyn Waugh was born at 11 Hillfield Road, West Hampstead, London on 28 October 1903. That makes this his 120th anniversary. His centenary was marked in 2003 with several events including two academic conferences–one in Spain and the other at Oxford. This year marks the centenary of his publication of articles and illustrations in Harold Acton’s new magazine the Oxford Broom. His writings and drawings continued to appear in Isis and Cherwell, also published in Oxford, and he was actively supportive in John Sutro’s successful efforts to revive publication of the latter. In addition, his work appeared for the first time in a London magazine. This was a drawing that was published in London Mercury. He probably joined the Hypocrites Club in 1923; he was introduced by Harold Acton who is recorded as having joined in October 1922. In any event, Waugh was certainly active in the club in 1923 and was I believe, at least briefly, an officer.

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