Major Study of Waugh’s War Trilogy Published

Two well-known Waugh scholars have collaborated on a detailed study of Waugh’s War Trilogy. Their long-awaited work, In the Picture: The Facts Behind the Fiction in Evelyn Waugh’s “Sword of Honor,” was recently published by Editions Rodopi B.V. (Amsterdam and New York, 360 pp., U.S. $98.73, U.K. £70.20). It consists of two parts. The first by Carlos Villar Flor relates the actual historical facts to the events described in Waugh’s trilogy. The second by Donat Gallagher places into context earlier and controversial interpretations of Waugh’s war career from writers such as Christopher Sykes, Antony Beevor, Lord Lovat and Waugh himself  by comparing them to more objective and complete accounts in other archival materials now available.

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