Editor of “Evelyn Waugh and His World” Interviewed

The podcast network of the conservative journal National Review has interviewed David Pryce-Jones, editor of the 1973 collection of memoirs and articles, Evelyn Waugh and His World. Pryce-Jones is a senior editor of National Review, and his recent autobiography and memoir Fault Lines is the subject of the interview. Although the internet summary promises Waugh will be among the topics discussed, this occupies only about 20 seconds of the 45 minute interview and consists of Pryce-Jones confirming William F. Buckley’s opinion that Waugh was the finest English prose stylist of his day. He also notes that he finds Waugh’s books are still easy to read. Unfortunately, the interviewer, Jay Nordlinger, doesn’t ask him about his experience in compiling the book on Waugh, which has remained a valuable asset for Waugh scholars. Whether that is a subject touched on in his memoirs could not be determined from this podcast.

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