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David Pryce-Jones’s Signed Books

Literary critic and historian David Pryce-Jones has written another memoir. This one is called Signatures: Literary Encounters of a Lifetime and consists of 90 memoirs of the authors of books in his collection which contain their signatures. In each case … Continue reading

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Brexit, Cameron and Ivor Claire

Dominic Green, who recently wrote an essay about Waugh’s military career (see previous post), has now written a report about the march of 700,000 people in London last weekend demanding a “People’s Vote” on Brexit. The story appears in the … Continue reading

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Roundup: Orphans and Entrecote

This week’s roundup relates mostly to books and book reviews: –In reviewing the book Orphans: A History by Jeremy Seabrook in The Spectator, novelist Philip Hensher considers several eaxmples of how orphans have been treated in literature by various authors, … Continue reading

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Waugh in Albania

Literary journalist and author David Pryce-Jones has written a “Letter from Albania: The Twilight of Zog” that appears in the current issue of The New Criterion. He reports on his attendance at a conference about the legacy of Communism in Albania … Continue reading

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David Pryce-Jones Reviews Eade Biography (Updated)

David Pryce-Jones, son of author Alan Pryce-Jones who was Waugh’s near contemporary at Oxford but not close friend, has reviewed Philip Eade’s biography of Waugh in the National Review. He begins with an apology for having written an unfavorable review … Continue reading

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Editor of “Evelyn Waugh and His World” Interviewed

The podcast network of the conservative journal National Review has interviewed David Pryce-Jones, editor of the 1973 collection of memoirs and articles, Evelyn Waugh and His World. Pryce-Jones is a senior editor of National Review, and his recent autobiography and memoir … Continue reading

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