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Avoidance of Class

Novelist Philip Hensher has posted an essay on the website UnHerd.com that discusses the disappearance of social class distinctions as a topic in contemporary novels. He begins by noting that his students show reluctance to use class as a character … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh World Cup Competition

Many of you may have followed the recent competition organized by novelist, literary critic and Waugh fan Philip Hensher. This was conducted on Twitter which is linked on the right side of the Society’s home screen. In case you missed … Continue reading

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A Handful of Offense

Writing in the Catholic Herald, novelist and critic Philip Hensher considers the implications of the current movement to suppress or destroy monuments and other public expressions that give offense to the present generation. This is in an article entitled: “Many … Continue reading

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Brideshead @ 75: Castle Howard, The Spectator, BBC

Today is the 75th anniversary of the first book publication of Brideshead Revisited. Chapman & Hall and the Book Society jointly issued the book in London on 28 May 1945. The occasion has been marked in several recent events: –Castle … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh, Walter Gropius and Prof Otto Silenus

Fiona MacCarthy, biographer and art historian, has written a biography of architect Walter Gropius. At least two reviewers have noted his contribution to the character of Prof Otto Silenus in Waugh’s debut novel Decline and Fall. Novelist Philip Hensher, writing … Continue reading

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Roundup: Orphans and Entrecote

This week’s roundup relates mostly to books and book reviews: –In reviewing the book Orphans: A History by Jeremy Seabrook in The Spectator, novelist Philip Hensher considers several eaxmples of how orphans have been treated in literature by various authors, … Continue reading

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Novelists Review Powell Biography

In yesterday’s papers, two novelists review the new biography of Anthony Powell by Hilary Spurling. Philip Hensher in the Spectator declares that Powell has finally received the biography he deserves. He also discusses the relationship of Powell and Evelyn Waugh: … Continue reading

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Barchester Revisited

Novelist and critic Philip Hensher in today’s Daily Telegraph previews a new TV series adapted by Julian Fellowes based on a novel by Anthony Trollope. This is Doctor Thorne, the third novel in the Barchester Chronicles, which begins a three-part broadcast … Continue reading

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