New Approach to Waugh Appears Later This Week

A new biography of Evelyn Waugh will appear in the U.K. later this week. This is Evelyn! Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love, Harbour Books, Chelmsford, Essex, 14.00 pounds, 294 pp. It is written by Duncan McLaren who previously wrote a similarly idiosyncratic biography of children’s writer Enid Blyton. The Waugh book is described by the publisher as an unusual approach in which

McLaren abandons the scholarly pretense of objectivity, reacts to his discoveries, engages with Waugh’s work, retraces his steps and even re-enacts some of the key events.

The book will have a section of plates with rare and previously unpublished photos of Waugh. It also has an interesting cover inspired by the psychedelic designs of the 1970s Penguins that may be viewed here.

NOTE (added 7 May 2015): After this post appeared, the Daily Mail reviewed McLaren’s book as its lead review of the week. It is also reviewed favorably in today’s Independent.

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