The Tablet Celebrates 175 Years

The UK-based Roman Catholic weekly paper The Tablet is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year. Among the events related to the celebration that may be of interest to our readers are a literary festival at Birmingham in June and a lecture at the LSE in October. An event schedule is posted here.

Waugh wrote frequently for the paper. Among his most notable Tablet pieces are “Half in Love with Easeful Death: An Examination of Californian Burial Customs” (18 October 1947), which had first appeared in Life magazine in the US, and “Palinurus in Never-Never Land or, The Horizon Blue-Print of Chaos.” (11 May 1946), about the writings of Cyril Connolly. These and other Waugh articles can be found at the Tablet’s online archive.

Donat Gallagher, the editor of a volume of Waugh’s collected journalism, wrote that:

In most circumstances Waugh would write entertainingly for a high fee. He would write seriously for no fee (e.g. for the Tablet) or a small fee (e.g. for the Spectator). But the market in between did not much interest him. (The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh, pp. 111-12)

According to a recent article in the Guardian, the Spectator (founded 1828) is the only UK- based weekly in regular circulation longer that the Tablet (founded 1840).

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