Eade Biography Reviewed in Antipodes

The new biography of Evelyn Waugh by Philip Eade is reviewed by Mark McGinness in the Sydney Morning Herald. After summarizing Waugh’s life as reflected in Eade’s book McGinness concludes:

Waugh’s work has and will endure. Leicester University and Oxford University Press have embarked upon The Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh – 42 volumes – to be published from 2017. Under the general editorship of Alexander Waugh, with a panel of eminent scholars, it will be worth waiting for. In the meantime, while Selina Hastings’ biography from 1994 remains the best, Eade’s sympathetic, well-researched, not in the least analytical but abundantly anecdotal portrait will whet the appetite of any Wavian.

There is also a review in the current issue of the Catholic Herald in which “Michael Duggan goes looking for Evelyn Waugh’s soft side.” That article is behind a paywall.


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