Estate of Peter Waugh to be Auctioned

An auction house in the West of EnglandĀ has announced the sale of artworks from the estate of the late Peter Waugh (1938-2014). Peter was the third child of Alec Waugh with his second wife Joan Chirnside. Peter’s life was profiled in a 2011Ā article in the Guardian written by Patrick Barkham.Ā In that article PeterĀ discussed some of the difficulties of his childhood. He also recounted his first meeting with his uncle Evelyn:Ā 

When he was nine, Peter was introduced to Evelyn. It is a vivid memory. His uncle sat behind an enormous desk in his library. “Bring him in,” Evelyn called, and Peter was ushered into the room by Evelyn’s wife, Laura. “Turn him round.” Peter was spun round. “Take him away,” Evelyn barked.Ā “Can you imagine an uncle saying that to you?” says Peter. “Talk about intimidation.”

Peter never married and lived by himself in Berkshire. He worked as a wine trader and teacher of photography.

The auction of his estate will take place at the salesrooms of Busby’s in Bridport on 20 October. The sale will consist mostly of artworks from the estate, as described in the Blackmore Vale Magazine:

The collection of screens, rugs, furniture, drawing and paintings are from the estate of Peter Waugh, who lived near Duncan Grant in Berkshire, and was a close friend of his and Paul Roche later in their lives…The collection forms part of the estate, much of which was sold in at Busby’s Fine Art sale in March.

Another section of the sale may be of greater interest to Waugh enthusiasts:

In the vintage clothing section of the sale will be clothing and luggage from the estate of Alec Waugh (1898-1981)…Items will include a 1929 Savile Row tailored frock coat.

It is not clear from the context whether the frock coat belonged to Alec. It may be the caseĀ that whatever books or writings there may have been were sold earlier or elsewhere. For example a box of poetry books belonging to Alec Waugh and passed down through the family was sold on 7 July 2016 (price estimate Ā£5-10) and a copy of Evelyn Waugh’s Wine in Peace and War, on 16 April 2015 (price estimateĀ Ā£10-20 for what looks like a perfect copy). Best to check with the auctioneers if that is the sort of thing you are seeking.


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