Guardian Imagines Literary Mash-up of Brideshead Revisited

In a recent issue of the Guardian, literary critic John Mullan has re-imagined several mash-ups of literary classics after the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which made it to the best seller list in the U.S. and has now been adapted for the screen. That particular example of the genre has 

the Bennet girls prepare themselves for encounters with the undead just as enthusiastically as they prepare themselves for husband-hunting in the original. When Elizabeth walks across the fields to visit her sister, she is assaulted by a gaggle of zombies and survives only by dint of her skills in martial arts.

Among other mash-ups, Mullan re-imagines Trollope’s Barsetshire novels blended with Game of Thrones (“The Barsetshire Fantasy”) and “Jane Eyre’s Fifty Shades of Grey.” In the case of Waugh, Mullan mixes Brideshead Revisited with a ghost story:

Brideshead Re-exorcised
Charles Ryder revisits the big empty house where he once stayed and remembers its horrors. The Marchmains seem charming, but are pursuing converts to their dark desires. Poor Sebastian, no wonder he is on the booze when his ancestral home is a portal to hell. Upstairs is creepy nanny, chef d’orchestre of this supernaturally corrupted household. Don’t trust Mr Samgrass, the priest taken on as Sebastian’s guide, for he is stooge of Satan. Charles falls for willowy Julia Flyte, the only family member who seems unpossessed, but can even she escape the demons?

But why stop there? A character unnamed by Waugh, Rex Mottram’s first wife, can now be upgraded and given the name Rebecca. She tragically commits suicide when she learns of Rex’s marriage to Julia, but her spirit descends on Brideshead Castle…etc.

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