Leftist Comic Again Names Waugh Favorite

Leftist comedian Alexei Sayle has again identfied Evelyn Waugh as his favorite writer. See earlier post from Glasgow Herald. This latest comment is in a webchat on the Guardian. Here’s the relevant Q&A:

Q. Having read your short stories and novels, I am wondering who your favourite writers are. Which short story writers do you admire? …

A. Well, the only writer I go back to over and over is Evelyn Waugh. One of the things I’ve always tried to do is listen to other voices. My parents tended to only read stuff that confirmed their point of view, and I was more interested in stuff that came from the opposite point of view. It’s important to challenge your own viewpoint. Waugh disliked the working classes, there are no working class characters in his novels, but for all that he was a wonderful satirist. If I went on Celebrity Mastermind, my specialist subject would be the Sword of Honour series. I would get 9 points out of a possible 13.

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