New Year Greetings via Evelyn Waugh in GQ

GQ magazine includes a quote from Evelyn Waugh in its New Year’s greeting article by Scott Meslow (“Champagne is an Anytime Drink”):

Here is the best time to drink Champagne: whenever. Throwing a dinner party? Keep a nice bottle of Champagne on ice. Having a quiet night in alone? Skip the tea or whiskey, pour yourself a crisp glass of Champagne, and settle into a cozy chair with some bubbly and a good book. Spending an intimate night chatting with a friend, partner, and spouse? Follow the advice of the late writer (and Champagne enthusiast) Evelyn Waugh: “For two intimates, lovers or comrades, to spend a quiet evening with a magnum, drinking no aperitif before, nothing but a glass of Cognac after—that is the ideal.”

For the background of this quote from a Vogue magazine article see earlier post.

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