Waugh in Japan

Waugh’s novel Scoop as well as a collection of his short stories have been translated into Japanese and were recently published in connection with this year’s 50th anniversary of Waugh’s death. The translator is Tagaki Susumu and the books are published by Hakusuisha. According to Waugh Society member Yoshiharu Usui, the Scoop translation was reviewed by Dr. Taichi Koyama of Sanshu University in the popular weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun. Here is Yoshiharu’s translation of an excerpt from that review:

…Scoop is that rare thing,  a well-made comedy without a shadow. No characters are hurt. The plot falls into place. The slapstick is in balance: all’s right with the world. The scene in which the foreign editor visits the Boots’ country house and is annoyed by strange elderly people slightly shows Waugh’s viciousness. But the viciousness is just a modest spice.

Several other works of Waugh have been translated into Japanese, beginning with Handful of Dust in 1954 which was published in Japan under the title Mrs Last. Others include Brideshead Revisited, The Loved One and The Ordeal of Gilbert PinfoldAll of these books are available from Amazon.jp at the links provided above. Thanks to Yoshiharu Usui for his help in preparing this notice.  

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