Waugh Letters to Anthony Powell to be Auctioned

Bonham’s auction house has announced the sale of the letters written by Evelyn Waugh to his friend and fellow novelist Anthony Powell. The letters cover the period 1927-1964 and include letters from Waugh’s first wife to Powell who remained on friendly terms with both her and Waugh after their divorce. In all, there are 42 items consisting of 21 letters and 21 post cards and letter cards from Waugh (lot 203) and 51 from his first wife (lot 204).

The letters are noteworthy in that they include items relating to Waugh’s earliest works,  Rossetti and Decline and Fall. Powell was working for the publisher Duckworths at the time and introduced Waugh to the firm. They published Rossetti and subsequent travel books but passed on Decline and Fall. Three letters are reproduced in the linked announcement, including one relating to publication of Rossetti. Waugh’s collected Letters included 11 now being sold. The auction will take place on 15 June 2016.

UPDATE (7 November 2018): Clarification of total number of letters received from Evelyn Waugh and his first wife.

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