Podcast Discusses Scoop

A podcast panel made up of three Midwestern blokes and called “InfiniteGestation” has in its latest episode (#047) discussed Evelyn Waugh’s 1938 novel Scoop. This is the first book by Waugh to be taken up by their program, which seems to come from somewhere in Southern Indiana (Terre Haute is mentioned several times). It is not encouraging that they all pronounce Waugh consistently as Woe, but this becomes less annoying after the author of Lucky Jim is referred to as Kingsley Amiss. The discussion extends for 50 minutes and, once they get past the plot, they begin to take up style and structure which is more worthwhile. For example, one of them makes an extended comparison of Scoop and Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana which is worth listening to. The panel consists of Patrick Feild, Samuel Zurcher, and Grant Karazsia. 

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