“Prose Factory” in Paperback

The Times has selected D J Taylor’s The Prose Factory: Literary Life in England since 1918 as one of its paperback picks of the week:

Evelyn Waugh noted in his diary: “After dinner I went to the Savoy Theatre and said, ‘I am Evelyn Waugh, please give me a seat.’ So they did.” That’s one of the many stories that can be found in this sweeping history of English literary life. It’s not heavy-going lit crit but a wide-ranging survey of how writers, publishers and reviewers made a living — and how they were regarded by each other and by the reading public. We learn about the rise of modernism, the taste-setting of the Bloomsberries, the arrival of the 1950s “new man” … and then the young gunslingers of the 1970s and 1980s …

See earlier posts. It is available in the UK for £12.08.

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