Scoop Appears on Home Fires

A copy of Waugh’s 1938 novel Scoop makes an appearance on the ITV drama series Home Fires. This is in Episode 1 of Series 2 which is now showing on PBS Masterpiece Theater. The cameo appearance occurs at about 18:20 minutes when one of the characters, Pat Simms, whose husband has gone off to work as a correspondent in LondonĀ (after repeatedly beating her in Series 1), is relaxing at home just before a Czech army officer comes to her door. The copy has a suspiciously clean dust wrapper, but consistent with the period setting, it looks accurate from all appearances. The scene occurs in June 1940Ā at which time ScoopĀ would be the most recently published of Waugh’s novels. PutĀ Out More Flags was not issued until 1942, according to Waugh’s bibliography. PatĀ would have had more than a passing interest in the book because her husband isĀ a journalist, although not a very successful one. Thanks to reader Jonathan Kooperstein for spottingĀ this.Ā 

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