Story from The Isis; Tweets from 1939

Oxford’s literary magazine The Isis has reprinted a story it published by Evelyn Waugh. This was his first and apparently his only story published in that journal, but it was followed by several in Cherwell, according to Ann Pasternak Slater’s 1998 Everyman edition of The Complete Short Stories. It appeared in The Isis issue for 30 May 1923 and is entitled “Portrait of Young Man with Career”. The story is signed “Scaramel”, but there is no attempt at anonymity since, in the text, its narrator refers to himself as “Evelyn”, and he has a friend named Richard Pares. The latest issue of The Isis also includes a short essay entitled “Cyril Connolly and Horizon Magazine”.

Speaking of Cherwell, that publication also continues to thrive at Oxford and recently published a notice seeking new contributors which prominently displayed Evelyn Waugh among its past authors. Others named in the solicitation included Graham Greene and Michael Crick.

Finnally, a new page has been opened on Twitter (@RealTimeWWII) for entries as from WWII. These two were posted from “Evelyn Waugh” :

1.UK author Evelyn Waugh (36) has volunteered for the army. “At the medical board. Had my eyes tested & did deplorably. Doctor: ‘Let’s see your birthday suit. Ah, middle-aged spread. Do you wear dentures?'”

2.”Afterwards, in my taxi to the Admiralty I unsealed my letter found I was unfit for service.” Despite failing medical, Waugh’s been made an officer in the Royal Marines.

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