An Uncertain Guest: Video Memoir of Evelyn Waugh

A posting on YouTube’s series “Web of Stories” contains a short video memoir of Evelyn Waugh recorded by the late John Julius Norwich. He was the only child of Waugh’s close friend Diana Cooper and her husband Duff. The memoir is not dated, but Norwich appears fairly advanced in years. His oral recollections are similar to those recorded in his writings. A written transcript of the memoir accompanies the recording. It mostly relates to Waugh’s strained relationship with Duff Cooper:

My father was always in two minds about him; he didn’t mind him fancying my mother a bit, but Evelyn was argumentative and loved rowing. My father actually had loved a good political row too, but they used to almost come to blows, those two together.

This is a clip from a longer version and is preceded by a YouTube ad (unless you have a subscription).

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