Upcoming Lectures: Lancing, Leicester and Langport

Several lectures have been announced that may be of interest to our readers in the UK:

Lancing College has announced this year’s Evelyn Waugh lecturer:

The Evelyn Waugh Lecture was started in 2008 as a means of thanking all members of the Lancing Foundation and the 1848 Society for their loyalty and generosity to the College. …For the 2018 lecture we are delighted to welcome Sir Tim Rice OBE, Second’s 1958-1962, as our guest speaker. The evening [Tuesday, 27 November 2018] will begin with a drinks reception at 6.30pm, followed by the Lecture in Great School at 7.30pm and dinner in the Dining Hall afterwards. Please book your place by 19 November or contact the Foundation Office – (click to email) for further details.

This lecture is not normally open to the public but, in the past, Lancing has offered to consider requests from Evelyn Waugh Society members who identify themselves and request permission to attend.

–The Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society has named Prof Nigel Wood to deliver this year’s Presidential Address. This will take place next Monday, 1 October 2018 at 730pm in the New Walk Museum, Leicester:

Nigel Wood, Professor of Literature at the University of Loughborough will look in detail at some of W B Yeats’ poetry and also a number of Renaissance plays with a view to testing how helpful word searching might turn out to be. Recently, the analysis of texts has had to embrace a new dimension of approach. Machine-readable versions of the books we thought we knew well need alternative methods of “reading”, where the ability to draw up patterns of repeated words and phrases has now attracted our attention. At the press of a button, these new patterns emerge – but what are we to do with them? And how does this modify ideas of authorial intention? Is this a brave new world? Or a subtle nuance of an old one?  Professor Wood is at present editing a volume in the Oxford University Press “Complete Writings of Evelyn Waugh” project, “Put Out More Flags“…

Tickets are not required and admission is free. Details available here.

The Somerset County Gazette has announced that Alexander Waugh will be giving a lecture next week on one of his favorite topics–authorship of Shakespeare’s works. According to Alexander, they were written by the Earl of Oxford:

“William Shakespeare never claimed to be a writer of any sort. And there’s no evidence during his lifetime he had any education. None of his daughters could write. The Earl of Oxford was a member of the nobility. Nobility would never publish a play and try to sell it, as plays were considered the lowest of the low. Shakespeare had a business arrangement with the Globe theatre and may have been an actor. It’s extremely likely Oxford would have been aware of him.”

The talk will be presented at The Seed Factory, Aller (near Langport) on Friday, October 5, at 7.30pm – tickets £15 on the door.

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